Photo Comparison and Meme Tool

If you have ever wanted to send a side by side comparison of someone you know who looked like a celebrity, an animal or object then Izzit the tool for you. Download it now and try it out. Izzit is all about comparing two photos and adding your own caption to it. Simple as that! It has been designed to be fun, easy to use, powerful, and best of all we are giving it away free. That’s right, its 100% free. Out of the box, the application comes with a sophisticated text editor which allows you to add strokes to your captions, as well as change the text size and character spacing. It also allows you to pan, zoom, crop, rotate and add simple image effects to your photos. This power gives you total control on how your photo comparison will look when you decide to save it or send it to a friend. The professional version (bought through an in app purchase) adds extra functionality to your creations, allowing you to move your captions to anywhere on the photo as well as change the fonts, font colors and stroke colors. There are also font extension packs available for purchase at really cheap prices which give you access to different types of fonts, such as graffiti, handwriting, science fiction plus many more. New packs are being released all the time so keep an eye out for them when you update your app.

Product Comparison

We have provided everything out of the box which you will need to make your photo comparisons awesome, however, the Pro Version and our font expansion packs help them to become even better!
Free Go Pro
Align Text
Change Font Size
Change Stroke Size
Change Stroke Size
Change Font Character Spacing
Pan, Zoom, Rotate and Crop Images
Apply Image Effects
Change Font Color
Change Font Type
Reposition Captions
Removal Of Advertisements

Font Expansion Packs Available

We offer a variety of different font packs which can transform your photos!
  • Grafitti and Handwriting Styles
  • Science Fiction Styles
  • Asian Styles (These are not actual asian fonts, but have an oriental theme to them)
  • Comic Book Sytles


Currently Izzit is available from iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.


We are currently creating a support forum for Izzit If you have any issues, questions or product requests, then please send an email to